Where are we located?

We are a mobile, concierge service.  So, we bring the product and the skilled nurse practitioner to you!  We can perform injectable services in your home or at any venue that is idealistic for you.  What makes Mobile Rejuvenation unique is that we bring you the service within the comfort of your own environment.  Not only does this increase your level of comfort, but it also maintains strict confidentiality about your cosmetic procedures.

Are injectable treatments painful?

Most injectable cosmetic procedures will be only slightly uncomfortable.  For certain procedures, we can apply a topical numbing cream to aide in the mild pain.  Also, we use ice techniques to prepare the skin for filler treatments. ai-100 exam dumps
ms-202 dumps BOTOX is most typically described as a “sting.”

Why should I choose Mobile Rejuvenation?

Mobile Rejuvenation is co-founded by three skilled and seasoned nurse practitioners.  That means we have extensive training and in treating all aspects of the human body.  In addition, we have been trained to administer injectable cosmetics through a highly reputable training company.  Our standards are the highest in the industry.  Also, we take great pride in providing fresh BOTOX and not a product that has been reconstituted for longer than 2 weeks, losing its potency and ultimately its effect.������ We offer an elite service by bringing skilled healthcare professionals to you.

How much does a consultation cost?

A consultation includes a meet and greet with you and all three of our co-founding nurse practitioners.  We will provide your first service at the time of the consultation, so there���s no wait to reschedule for your desired procedure.  Prior to your first visit and consultation, we will send you preliminary paperwork, so you’ll be prepared to proceed.  In the event, you choose to not receive any service; there is a consultation fee of $75.00.  Remember, this is only if you choose to not receive an in-home service at that time.

Do you accept insurance?

All of our services are not billed through private insurances.  Unfortunately, cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance companies.  Payment is made at the time of the service.  Cash or check is preferred, but we are able to accept plastic payment if needed.

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